• Packet Tracer Router Port Overlap

    Hi, I'm kind of new to Packet Tracer and wondering if anybody could help me out. I'm trying to setup a router, and have one port's ip set to the second one is For some reason, I keep on gett...
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  • DNS troubleshoot 2 - IPv6

    Hello all,   Need your expertise.   I have two routers R2 and R3 connected together. So they are in the same subnet.   R3 is the DNS server. I don't know if 'ip dns server' would works for IPv6. But ...
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  • Upcoming Cisco DNA ATX Sessions

    View All December Sessions View All January Sessions February Sessions Coming Soon Register Now for Upcoming Cisco DNA ATX Sessions Have a question or need assistance? Contact us     AMER / LATA...
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  • #1 Start Here: Your Ultimate CCNA Resource

    Thank you for joining the CCNA Study Group, where you can ask questions, share ideas and connect with peers as you prepare for the new CCNA certification available on February 24, 2020.    For your first &...
    Karlo Bobiles
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  • CCNP R&S Certification

    Hi, I've cleared the CCNP  Route exam today ... Great Christmas present !!! costing me £ 300 in exam fee, Thank you CISCO for the Gift.  I've a couple of questions: 1. Now that I've cleared the switc...
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  • #2 Meet Joe Clarke, your Subject Matter Expert for the week of Dec 9

    Welcome to all our new CCNA Study Group members.  We are excited to kick off our program by introducing Joe Clarke as our first CCNA subject matter expert who will be on board next week.    Joe is a d...
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  • ENARSI 300-410 book

    Hi Guys, where i can get ENARSI 300-410 book
    MauroM. Ramos
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  • TOPIC: ACEs to deny OSPF

    While reading the CCNP TSHOOT 300-135 OCG as another source to prepare for 200-125 exam, I see the following.   "Reasons why an OSPFv2 neighbor relationship may not form:   An ACL is denying packets the OS...
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  • Certifications

    I am trying to find out the best certification for us. We are an IBM business partner my speciality is to help our Customers with networking. We need more info on the Cisco Express certifications Service provider an...
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  • Cloud: Where It's Come From, Where It's Headed

    Lots of Billowing Going On  If you were to put together a list of the top 10 technology trends over the last five years, cloud would certainly have to be one of them. Like other of today’s major IT developm...
    Gary Pfitzer
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  • TTL value

    Hi CLN TTL value is a value into IP header but this value is variable , i mean that every os have different value than the other os cisco ios has TTL=128 , windows os TTL = 225 ,.... but how ip header determine th...
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  • Cisco VM (Cisco IOS XRv 9000) deployment time

    I am working on launching Cisco VMs (Cisco IOS XRv 9000) programmatically on OpenStack.   During our VM deployment process, we have noticed that the Cisco VM takes close to 30 mins and sometimes 45 mins to be acc...
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  • IPv6 static host routes

    Hello all,   Is there much difference between using link local address/exit interface and global unicast address on static routes?   And why do we create host routes when a route to the subnet would accomp...
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  • New 200-301 Study Guides versus previous ICND1 and 2...

    As a fallback position to somehow not completing and achieving full CCNA before Feb deadline, was considering buying the new 200-301 guides now while avail at discount. Just curious of opinions, or author feedback, as...
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  • Packet Tracer - Web Browser Request timeout

    Hi there!   All routers are configured to their respective networks (should be!). But when I try to connect any PC to the SERVER REMOT via web browser Request timeout message appears.   A clue of w...
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  • Hybrid Cloud: Bringing It All Together

    In last week’s blog post, “Cloud: Where It’s Come From, Where It’s Headed,” I provided you with some compelling information from Verizon’s latest “State of the Market: Enterpr...
    Gary Pfitzer
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  • Renovación Certificación CCNA

    Estimados, En la actualidad, tengo la certificación CCNA que obtuve aprobando el examen CCNA 640-802, dicha certificación se me caduca el próximo día 23 de Abril, mis dudas son las opcion...
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  • CCENT/CCNA Explained: Lesson 1: ICND1 100-101 Exam Topics

      ICND1 100-101 Exam Topics Cisco Press Author - Wendell Odom   Go to: Cisco Press Meet the Authors Live   Next Lesson   Join a Study Group Visit the Study/Learn Overview Page
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  • Interaction between Data and L7

    Hi CLN   if the User open web browser and write (www.yahoo.com)     and this is the code that PC-1 will use to open www.Yahoo.com :-   Now my question is :- is PC-1 want to send  data ...
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  • Hello everyone.  I passed my CCENT exam a few days ago 12/03/19.

    I passed my CCENT exam a few days ago 12/03/19 and I have a few questions.  This is my very first time taking a Cisco exam so I wasn't sure what all to expect.   After I passed I did receive two emails; one...
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