• Reg a BGP Route Update ( sh ip bgp )

    Hi,   R1#sh ip bgp BGP routing table entry for, version 2944909 Paths: (2 available, best #1, table default)   Advertised to update-groups:      2   Ref...
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  • Which device should be the gateway for hosts?

    I came up with the following scenario and want to see if I've thought this through correctly:   Here's the topology: Host1 --> S01 --> S02 S01 has ip routing enabled, but no routing protocol confi...
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  • About CCNA exam & dump

    Hi ,   Anyone could suggest to me, I should take exam 200-125 or ICDN1 & ICDN2, bcoz I am getting bit confused about these one.   And I need CCNA exam dumps from where  I can get the dumps?
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  • CCNA R/S (200-125) Teams on WebEx

    I created a team on WebEx Teams for those who are still trying to get in 200-125 by 2019/02/23.  I've created spaces under the team which align to the major topics of the exam topic list.  If you want to joi...
    Steven Davidson
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  • Conditional iBGP Route Filter

    Hi All, Is it possible to filter iBGP route updates conditionally? For example, in the diagram above once the link from R3 to R4 (BGP Running Routers) is cut and R4 loses BGP Peer with ISP it should not receive a i...
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  • New CCIE version should have better ....

    New CCIE version should also come with better CCIE kit quality!   for all members on CLN who are pursuing  their numbers do you agree?    
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  • Root bridge! vlan 20

    So im doing this LAB and I dont understand why SW6 and SW7 both say they are root for vlan 20. Any help would be great. THX
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  • TCP/IP model 'network' or 'Internet' layer?

    I've just started my study using the e-book version of 'CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide Vol 1'.   Figure 1-4 shows the layers of the TCP/IP model as follows:   APPLICATION TRANSPORT NETWORK DATA LINK ...
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  • #3 CCNA Quiz: Help me with network automation!

    Maybe a wee bit late, but here is the first CCNA Quiz question.   Ann is a network engineer that is new to network automation.  She has a new site that she needs to spin up, and she'd like to do it using th...
    Joe Clarke
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  • How do i know this type of cable

    Hi CLN   How do i know this  cable is 100Base-T OR 100Base-T4 OR 1000Base-T ? all types are support to use cat 3,4,5,5e,6 how to know this type of cable is using 2 pairs only of the entire 4 pairs , and ...
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  • Can't ping between router and switch

    I have three switches set up with a router on a stick.  Router g0/0 is and switch 1 VLAN 1 IP is  I cannot ping between the two.  I can even do a sh cdp neighbor detail on bo...
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  • BGP Configuration Lab

    Hi All,   This is another structured lab prepared by Dante McNeil and myself for anyone who wants a scenario to challenge their understanding of BGP. This lab should be suitable for those who are working towa...
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  • VIRL 2.0 EFT is underway!

    Good Morning Everyone!   I know it's been too long since we have been able to do an update, but I just wanted to fill you on what's going on with VIRL.  Last week we entered EFT (beta) for the VIRL 2.0 prod...
    Vernon Palango
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  • Difference between IPv6 default route and IPv4 default route

    Hello all,   I have the following topology that have both IPv4 and IPv6 running.   R1 and R2 have EIGRP running. I use R3 and R4 as hosts at both ends. So R3 and R4 don't have EIGRP running.   The IP...
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  • CCNP Route - After the expiry of CCNP Switch

    Hello everyone,   I have CCNA and CCNP Switch. My certification is expiring on 11th Jan 2020. I am preparing for CCNP Route and want to appear in the exam before the expiry. My question is, what happens if my c...
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  • What's the difference between IPv6 standard ACL and IPv6 Extended ACL?

    Hello all,   From ICND2 OCG, Chapter 25, it says there are IPv6 standard ACL and IPv6 extended ACL.   It gives standard ACL example on page 672:   Example 25-2 Simple ACL R1(config-ipv6-acl)# permi...
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  • 100base-T4

    Hi CLN   is 100BaseT4 means 4 wires ? OR the entire 4 pairs ?   also which category support 10base and 100base and 1000 base ?   thanks   sir i  don`t know why you don`t want to answer an...
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  • CCNA 200-301

    hi,  I am planning to take 200-301 CCNA. do you know when the training will be available?   thank you Saumya Sebastian
  • Points issue

    Have they stopped working again?
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  • Points not working again?

    Hi all!   Is anyone else noticing their unread notifications continuing to be unread even after reading them and posts that would give points not giving points?   I have refreshed, closed browsers, restart...
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